Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Week of School Begins

This morning I woke to this...

Rose yelling loudly from the family room.  "Mommy, Roni hit me in the eye with the toothpaste."  Mind you it was 5:50 am and I wasn't even surprised.  Both girls, after a bit of fussing and feuding climbed into bed with us and lay somewhat quietly for about fifteen minutes.  Then we were up and running.  Quick breakfast, school clothes on, hair brushed, glasses cleaned and on, socks on and shoes tied.  We were out the door by five after seven with back packs on and were at school by 7:25 am.  Rose walked Roni to her class, kissed and hugged her - no one would have ever guessed that less than two hours earlier they were at war in the bathroom.  Then we went to her room where she again proclaimed her classroom to be much larger than her sisters.  When I got home I found the offending tube of toothpaste on the floor.

When they came home at 4:20 pm they stormed in full of sass and a lot energy.  They also both were very stinky - evidently they played flag football this afternoon, because Roni told me that a boy teased her and grabbed her flags.  She was certain he was Japanese and nothing would shake that assertion.  So after supper I sent them to the tub for a scrubbing.  They insisted on bubble bath.  

The best thing about being so busy at school - once they lay down in bed they are asleep quickly.

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