Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally Registered for Kindergarten

In order to attend Kindergarten the girls needed shots and I had to get another proof of residency.  So Friday we went to the doctors and got the required shots (including tetanus - which really hurt).  Both girls were real troopers, Roni bravely went first and Rose even braver went while Roni cried in pain. Then super daddy located a second proof of residency from the list for me.

On Saturday we finished shopping for school clothes.  We got pants, more polo shirts, more shirts with collars, a couple more jumpers and shoes.  I know a lot of parents like a strict dress code, but part of me is really sad.  I see how kids dress as part of an expression of their personality and tastes, so to be squeezed into such a tight parameter is sad.
And then finally today we went over to the school and got the girls registered for Kindergarten. They are so excited and so am I.  

When we got home they played with their princess makeup.  Results are below.

Roni also decked out the rocking Panda as a Princess Steed.  Notice she is sitting side saddle.

Rose posed with her stuffed pony.

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