Saturday, August 10, 2013

Photos of our Crafty Day

So on Thursday we did crafts.  I didn't post photos or details because we were making them for a trip to Boca Raton for their cousins surprise birthday party.  We were under lock down not to give the surprise away.

We made a sign, inspired by the birthday bandit for Tracy.  Daddy got butcher paper from Cody's Steakhouse (our waiter gave it to us ) and I got markers and cute springtime stick on foam critters and set the girls to work.  They had fun drawing pictures, sticking on the stickers and signing their names.

We also "painted" rocks to place on Grandma Rose's memorial while we are down there.  While the girls never had the opportunity to know their daddies mom we talk of her often and the girls love to imagine what Grandma Rose is up to in Heaven.  

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