Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stormy Day

We wanted to go somewhere for the last Saturday before school starts, but the weather just did not cooperate.  Every place we thought of going had a high chance of rain and we didn't want to take a long drive with the chance it would wind up rained out.  So instead we stayed in town and made the best if it.

First we went to Cracker Barrel - we had to run the gauntlet through the store.  It was full of lots if neat stuff for Fall and Halloween as well as lots candy and toys.  Both girls zeroed in on all things horse related.

Waiting for pancakes.

Daddy and Roni cutting up.

After breakfast we killed some time at one of our local Asian grocery stores. Then we headed for the new pottery painting studio - it replaced one that had the same name that suddenly closed while we still had months on our paid membership.  They evidently purchased the name and left over stock, but don't care to honor the membership.  Kind of crummy since I know darn well they have benefitted from having the same name and I suspect also got their client data base.  

We had read that the studio fee was waived for kids, which we thought was great.  When we went in there were people painting and a back room set up for a party, but no employees to be seen.  We wound up standing around till a guy came ambling out of the back.  He told my hubby that they went to studio fees for all customers, "since the children waste as much paint as the adults".  We stayed because we told the girls the could paint, but I doubt we will be going back other than to pick up the pieces they painted.

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