Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Colds of the School Year

So we all have our first colds of the school year.  Roni has been sniffing for a few days and now we are all starting to feel the symptoms - everyone except Rose.  For some reason she has remained free of the cough, sniffles and sore throat.  I hope she stays that way, but if things run their normal course she will get sick just when we are all getting better.

Due to the colds we had a quiet day.  Our church had their annual back to school Sunday celebration - complete with donuts and everyone dressing in school colors (our town is home to a major university). The girls have moved up to the Kindergarten Sunday School class.  Their teacher asked that we purchase the girls bibles - so after church we went to the Bible Bookstore and got them their first bibles.  They were both very excited - not that they can read, but there are pictures so they enjoyed looking at them.  They are nice bibles that hopefully they will have for years to come.  

Then we came home and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  I am happy to say that both girls behaved much better today and we had no more major mishaps.

I didn't post this photo the other day - Rose at school.

She looks so sad in this photo, but she really wasn't.  She was actually very proud of the caterpillar she made.

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