Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Button Pushers

Today was a tough day.  I guess a whole week of behaving at school means they had to let loose this weekend and boy did they.  

Last night they ran wild at Wal Mart.  We were there to get daddy's glasses fixed and they evidently were not interested at all in listening to either of us.  Both girls started out okay trying on glasses while they waited.  

Then we went to look for a new night gown while they finished up with daddies glasses.  We couldn't find any gowns in the toddler section, but found the perfect gowns in the girls department.  

The ride home was awful.  One of the girls did not want to get in her seat.  They both have a new habit of poking out their feet to keep us from closing the door.  It was starting to rain and after asking nicely while rain drops pounded on my back I pushed her leg in and quickly shut the door.  She cried and kicked the back of my seat all the way home.  I felt like the worst mommy ever.

This morning was supposed to be a fresh start.  It quickly went own hill with the same car behavior as the night before.  We met my sister, her hubby and the cousins for lunch and both girls ran wild in the restaurant.  It was very frustrating.  After lunch the cousins posed for a photo.  It was pretty much the only time during lunch that they were still.

Then we came home and things went sideways.  It was like everything they had done was building up for the next big thing.  We were at home, the girls were playing and we were resting (we are both starting to have a sore throat).  Roni came out yelling, "look what Rose did."  She was covered with tiger stripes, arms, legs and chest drawn with black permanent marker.  I shouted and Rose came out - she had started to draw stripes on her arms as well.  An inspection of the bathroom proved as upsetting - black stripes on the mirror, it's frame, the counter top and the sink bowl.  I didn't take any photos because I don't want them to think it was cute and/or funny.

Quick product placement - Magic Eraser.

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