Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the Teacher Day

We were up at 6:00 am today.  The girls were ready to go to school immediately, although Rose for some reason was thinking they were starting school today.  Making them wait till noon was not easy.  When we got there it was ten minutes till noon and the office staff told us to go to the cafeteria first, but the doors were locked.  We could see the people inside setting up, but could not get in.  As soon as the doors opened we rushed the PTA table so we could purchase the girls "Owl" t-shirts.  In our school district the only way a kid can wear a t-shirt is if it is a school shirt (kinda a good way to push the school t-shirt sales).  We were glad we rushed because they only had a small number of shirts in their size (although they were still a bit on the large side).  Then we went down to the classrooms to see which teachers they were assigned to.  

First we went to Roni's class, she is in the same pod where her old classroom was and her class was very cutely decorated with a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme. She found her seat close to the window and her teacher had placed a little goodie bag with deconstructed s'mores in it along with her information packet.  She loved her room and was excited to see her teacher.  Both girls know all the Kindergarten teachers at the school.  

While Roni was still checking out her classroom with Daddy - Rose took me to her class.  Her teacher decorated the room with a garden theme.  (I got so distracted I forgot to take a photo).  Even though Rose loves horses she told her teacher she loves gardens.  She didn't have a treat bag on her table and of course she asked her teacher immediately why she didn't have a treat bag - her teacher told her she'd have one on Monday.  Her teacher told me that all the kindergarten teachers wanted Rose or Roni in their classes as they are big favorites and she was so pleased to have Rose in her class.  We also met a girl who lives in our neighborhood who will be in her class.  We then left and headed back to the cafeteria because we hadn't talked to the after school care leader.

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